Anne Marie Jackson

  • Russian to English translator. (Please excuse the inconsistent formatting - I am unable to fix it.)


  • Recent projects include:

    • RASPUTIN AND OTHER IRONIES by Teffi (2016) (co-translator with Robert and Elizabeth Chandler and Rose France) 

    • MEMORIES by Teffi (2016) (co-translator with Roberet and Elizabeth Chandler and Irina Steinberg) 

    • "Heads or Tails? Sorry, this isn't football" by Viktor Mazin in THE VERY LAST TIME (2015) (translator)

THE OLZHAS PHENOMENON, a volume of writings about Kazakh poet Olzhas Suleimenov (forthcoming) (co-translator with Caroline Walton) 

"Bird Cherry Pie" by Olga Slavnikova, published in THE NOVEL OF THE WORLD (2015) (translator)

Stories by Yevgeny Shvarts and Daniil Kharms in MAABORET (translator)

Five Poems by Sergej Timofejev published in CORDITE POETY REVIEW:  (translator)

SUBTLY WORDED by Teffi (2014) (principal translator)   

  • "Gustav Klucis: A Pioneer of Multimedia Design", by Aleksandr Shklyaruk, published by the Gallery for Russian Art and Design in RE-CONSTRUCTIVISM (2013) (translator) 

  • ISTEMI by Alexei Nikitin (2013) (translator)  

  • "Moscow-Petrozavodsk" by Maxim Osipov in THE WHITE REVIEW (2012) (translator)  

  • Stories by Victoria Chikarneeva in STILL WATERS RUN DEEP: YOUNG WOMEN'S WRITING FROM RUSSIA (2012) (translator)

Provide editing services, Write for magazines/newspapers, Write reviews, Prepare commentaries on works translated, Copy editing and proof-reading, Translation of academic texts , Gives workshops, Take part in public discussions on translation
Environment, European Union/Studies, Feminism, Fiction, Film criticism, Folk/Fairy Tales/Mythology, Food & drink, History - General, History - 20th Century, International aid and development, Journalistic Work, Literature - Classical, Literature - General & Various, Medieval History, Memoirs, Music, Music (History of), Non-Fiction, Novels, Poetry, Politics, Science Fiction, Short Stories, Sociolog