Backing creators and the creative industries

"The creative industries are an undoubted strength of our economy... And with creative industries’ export value nearly double their share of the economy, they are a key component of what makes us a great, global trading nation, respected around the world and confident at home."

The Government's Creative Industries Sector Deal

Britain’s creative industries generate £92bn a year for the UK economy, and the creative economy employs one in every 11 working people. We are delighted that Government has identified the creative industries as one of five "world-leading sectors" as part of its Industrial Strategy. 

The UK publishing industry makes a significant contribution to the creative industries as a whole, with a turnover of £5.7bn in 2017. The UK is the largest exporter of physical books in the world, with a 17% share of world exports.

The UK Government needs to maintain a policy environment in which the creative industries continue to thrive. This means placing greater emphasis on supporting writers, translators, illustrators and other creators.

What are we asking for?

  • Support for self-employed workers: our members tend to be self-employed, and we believe the tax and benefits regime for the self-employed needs to be strengthened. See our Tax and Benefits page.
  • Brexit: The Government must ensure that Brexit does not damage our excellent trading relationship with Europe, restrict freedom of movement for creators or undermine our excellent copyright regime. See our Brexit page.
  • Access to funding: The Government needs to ensure that funding streams remain available for creators and the creative industries, particularly after Brexit when sources of funding will be lost. See our Access to funding page. 
  • Education: Ensure that creative subjects are being taught in schools to give young people the chance to pursue a creative career. See our Literacy, Reading and Creative Education page.

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