Academic Writers

The terms offered by academic publishers, for both books and journals, are these days very poor.

And even without the security of academic tenure, the demands of 'publish or perish' still apply. Some of the main areas of concern to academic authors are:

  • confusion and concern about the implications of the rise in Open Access requirements and 'Creative Commons' licences 
  • lack of clarity and, very often, lack of any perceptible income from digitised uses of the author's work, in particular when it comes to article/chapter downloads from aggregator websites
  • the Catch-22 that in order to secure teaching appointments, the writer must publish - but the contractual terms offered by academic publishers are sometimes shockingly poor and indeed may leave the author actively out of pocket, with a growing insistence that the author pays all indexing and illustration costs, copyright permission fees, and sometimes even a hefty bill for the chance to have the work made freely available via Open Access.

We hope that full and frank discussion between members will be of benefit and interest to members and will help identify the main problem areas, which in turn can inform how we focus our fair terms campaigning in this sector.

To find out more about the Academic Writers Group or to join, please email us.


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