Specific Awards

All applicants to the Authors' Foundation will also be automatically considered for the following specific grants. However, if you think any of the below are particularly relevant to your work in progress please highlight this in your application.

World of Books Impact Award (new for 2021)
Two annual grants of £5,000 each for books of any genre that have the power to inspire progressive behaviour change. Read more

Eric Ambler Awards 
In memory of the spy thriller writer. 

Taner Baybars Awards 
Offer funding for original fiction in the fields of science fiction, fantasy, and magic realism (for both adult and children’s fiction) 

John Brooks Awards 
In memory of John Brooks, offering funding to writers based in the West Country or Wales 

Roger Deakin Awards 
Offer funding to authors of creative works of any genre, concerned with natural history, landscape or the environment, in memory of the environmentalist, writer and film maker Roger Deakin. 

Antonia Fraser Grants 
For a biography of a woman or women. 

John Heygate Awards 
In memory of John Heygate, to help authors of commissioned works of travel writing. 

John C Laurence Awards 
Offer funding to works, of any genre, which help to improve understanding between races. 

Michael Meyer Awards 
In memory of Michael Meyer, a generous benefactor, who wrote about the theatre and translated the plays of Ibsen and Strindberg. 

Arthur Welton Awards 
In memory of the philanthropist and poet Arthur Welton. 

The Great Britain Sasakawa Grant 
One grant of £2,000 is awarded annually, in either round of awards. Works of fiction or non-fiction about any aspect of Japanese culture or society, or set in a Japanese context, will be considered. Preference will be given to works which help to interpret modern Japan to the English-speaking world.