Beyond Words: Multimodal Encounters in Translation

Location: Cambridge

SG 1 and SG2, Alison Richard Building

University of Cambridge




Event time: 5-6 July 2018
A two-day seminar at the University of Cambridge featuring talks from some of the leading academics in translation.

Event details

The conference will take the form of a two-day event. Each of the eight main speakers will prepare a paper in advance, and these will be distributed to all the registered delegates two weeks before the start of the event. Each speaker will have a 20-minute slot during the conference in which to give a short verbal summary of their paper, followed by a further 25 minutes of questions from the attendees. In addition, there will be two workshops that will showcase practical multimedia examples of multimodal translation in action. At the end of each day there will be a ‘Round Table’ discussion session, chaired by one of the convenors, that will provide an opportunity to explore in greater detail specific points of connection and disconnection between the presentations and workshops.


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