Janet Fairweather

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I am primarily an academic writer, trained as a classical scholar. My freelance work has involved me in many projects chiefly  relating to post-classical Latin texts.  My PhD dissertation on Seneca the Elder was published by CUP as a book in 1981; my second full-length book was a translation of the Liber Eliensis, published by the Boydell Press in 2005. Both are still available, print on demand. I have also published a number of articles on ancient biography, classical poetry and the New Testament, also on the classical and biblical background to operatic libretti.  In connection with various international projects I have translated texts by Ambrosiaster and Anselmhttp://URL, some of the letters of Professor Thomas Bartholin of Copenhagen, part of the Norwegian history of  Torfaeus and a section of the Commentarius Rinuccinianus about 17th century Ireland. I am currently writing a book for the Diocese of Skara about the wandering bishop Osmund, missionary to 11th century Sweden, and am seeking a publisher for a critique of the New Revised Standard version of the Bible, which compares its translation with the Hebrew, Greek and some earlier English versions. My verse translation of a poem by Brother Gregory of Ely (12th century) was recently published by the Jericho Press.

Make personal appearances, Give talks and readings to adults, Copy editing and proof-reading, Undertake research projects, Translation of academic texts , Poetry readings, Take part in public discussions on translation
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