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August 2015

Deadlines are approaching for a large number of our prizes celebrating many types of writing. Don’t delay – enter today!

August 2015

A recent Guardian article looked at the ways writers have, historically, used state benefits to support their careers. A. L. Kennedy wrote:

Being on one’s own with time is what will teach a writer to write. Although I was terrified at the time, the space that state benefits bought me allowed me to make many – if not all – of the major decisions that have governed my working life. I was able to set up house in a tiny bedsit and write job application letters by day and short stories at night. Without that initial breathing space, I’d have been sunk. Since then – having received benefits for something like 15 months – I have earned money every year and paid tax every year. I love paying tax, if it can mean I’m passing on that favour.

31 July 2015

Four new members have been elected to serve on the Management Committee.

The following have been elected by a ballot of all Members: Daniel Hahn (974 votes), Eric Clark (899 votes), Alex Klaushofer (724 votes) and Janet Laurence (665 votes). 1,607 Members voted (of 8,861). To view the Independent Scrutineer's Report, please click here.

8 July 2015

Nicola Solomon, Chief Executive of the Society of Authors, made a call for immediate action to protect creators from onerous contracts when she spoke last night to the All Party Writers Group Summer Reception.

6 July 2015

We’re delighted to hear that Shirley Hughes is to be presented with a lifetime achievement award from Book Trust. The award is given to an author illustrator for an outstanding contribution to children literature. C.E.O. of Book Trust, Diana Gerald said that Hughes was receiving the award for her ‘remarkable, multi-talented contribution to children's fiction’.

25 June 2015

On 25 June £85,500 was distributed to writers at the Society of Authors’ annual Authors’ Awards. Novelist Sarah Waters (a previous recipient of a Betty Trask Prize and a Somerset Maugham Award) presented prizes to writers of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and English Language Teaching writing, at a ceremony held at the Army & Navy Club.

19 June 2015

The SoA is campaigning vigorously at a national, European and worldwide level to guard authors against onerous contracts and to ensure copyright is protected as a means of ensuring that creators are remunerated.

19 June 2015

We appreciate that festivals are wonderful public showcases for literature and that authors are generally pleased to be invited and often enjoy taking part. But all too often the authors themselves end up unrewarded or out-of-pocket for their efforts. The SoA believes all authors should be paid for making public appearances and with festivals booming, and lucrative sponsorship deals in many cases, there is no excuse for authors, who are the main draw, to miss out on the profits – especially where others involved are being paid.



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