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Updated 22 January 2016

Literary festivals’ payment of authors has been prominent in the news this month, prompted by Philip Pullman’s resignation as Patron of Oxford Literary Festival. The SoA President resigned his role at OLF because they do not pay authors.

21 January 2016

We’re delighted that the plans to make cuts of more than 10% to the Welsh Books Council have been scrapped after protests from Welsh- and English-language writers.

Updated 22 January 2016

Earlier this month we wrote to publishers as part of an international movement calling for action on contract terms. In an open letter we asked publishers to take responsibility for their role in authors’ income by reviewing their contract terms and treatment of authors.

20 January 2016

Neil Gaiman - Libraries: 'the thin red line between civilisation and barbarism'

As you may have seen, the SoA has been supporting and publicising the My Library By Right campaign

Updated 20 January 2016

Plans to introduce quarterly tax returns will have a huge impact on authors, who are mostly self-employed. We urge everyone to sign the petition against the proposal which would be a massive drain on authors’ time and finances. 

18 January 2016

More than 400 writers have written to protest against proposed cuts which threaten the future of the Welsh publishing industry.

Welsh- and English-language writers are standing in solidarity to oppose the 10% cuts to the Welsh Book Council (WBC). The SoA shares their concerns and welcomes and supports the letters to the Welsh Assembly.

14 January 2015

Our President, Philip Pullman, has resigned as a Patron of Oxford Literary Festival because they do not pay authors.

5 January 2016

The SoA has today written to publishers to ask them to help improve authors’ earnings by addressing contractual terms.

The letter is part of an international collective call to action on creator contracts. 



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