It is great to have it written in such a way we can use in our correspondence to the publisher. You are such a wonderful help to us, we really appreciate it.

Arlene Porter

I submitted all your suggested amendments, fearing the worst and expecting my publisher to tell me to "walk". I couldn't have been more wrong! They accepted virtually all your amendments without question.

Christina Hollis

Many thanks for responding to my query so quickly, clearly and expertly. Your comments are a great help. Brilliant service!

David Doherty

Joining the Society of Authors a year ago was the best £90 I spent in my life. EVER.
Karen Wheeler

The best annual membership that any author can buy. They're absolute angels.

Joseph D'Lacey

Thank you for all your help and support when I needed someone most.
Josie Whitehead

Thank you SOA, as ever, for being so supportive. You offer the most fantastic support service to us authors and I for one really, really appreciate it.
Julie Summers

Thank you for your kind and timely advice over my contract. I will never regret having joined the SoA, in fact I wish I had done so three years ago because I would certainly have benefitted contractually from your advice at the time when my first book was accepted for publication and I had no agent to look after my interests. My short literary career has been a very steep learning curve - almost vertical in fact! Since our email exchanges, I do really have the feeling that I have a friend in the SoA who is watching my back - and that is enormously important for me.

Mari Griffith

Many thanks, Nicola. This is invaluable and I've been searching for ages for such support. Why I didn't ask you guys in the first place is a point of red-faced shame...
Nicholas Tims

My grateful thanks for your help and encouragement over my Freedom of Information request in the course of researching a new biography of the bestselling writer Edgar Wallace. I am delighted to say that my appeal against the original ruling forbidding access to papers relating to his estate has been allowed.This is largely as a result of the help I had from you and colleagues at the SoA, and I am most grateful to all concerned. What gets us through in life is a succession of small victories like these.

Roger Wilkes