Authors need readers. The SoA campaigns to preserve libraries, promote a culture of reading and ensure authors are paid fairly for book lending.

Cuts to funding and support for public libraries threaten a resource that is vital not only to local communities and readers, but to authors as well. Many authors rely on the library service for income through Public Lending Right and ALCS.

A comprehensive and efficient library service must allow free access to physical books in a safe, comfortable, convenient and accessible space. It must be managed and curated by professionally trained staff.

What we're working on

We support national and local campaigns to save libraries threatened by funding cuts.

Planned library closures are a breach of the requirements of the Libraries & Museums Act 1964 and the Charteris Report:

(1) From the commencement of this Act it shall be the duty of the Secretary of State to superintend, and promote the improvement of, the public library service provided by local authorities in England and Wales, and to secure the proper discharge by local authorities of the functions in relation to libraries conferred on them as library authorities by or under this Act.

We believe Government has sufficient powers under its general jurisdiction to prevent these devastating closures and must act now to avoid irreparable damage.

The SoA is consulted and makes submissions to Government regarding libraries.

National campaigns

Local campaigns