A fair playing field

Literature needs a fair playing field to thrive. Monopolies and other unfair business practices harm the creative industries and have profound knock-on effects on authors.

Government policy should acknowledge the importance of creatives and protect the systems that allow them to thrive. We remind Government to account for authors when dealing with tax, business regulation and international trade.

What we're working on

Countering monopolies and unfair practices

We continue to raise concerns in relation to Amazon, Google and other multinationals when appropriate.


Anomalies in the VAT system should be removed. The zero rate should be applied to digital publications as well as physical books, reflecting the belief that tax should not discourage reading and learning.

Circulation of books within the EU is hindered by varying VAT requirements for print and ebooks in different countries. We will push for the EU to treat all books (including ebooks) as zero-rated for VAT.

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

The ‘cultural exception’ in the transatlantic negotiations over TTIP should recognise the cultural importance of literature and publishing.


Bookshops should be supported by appropriate rate and tax concessions and by efforts to protect the high street environment.