[COMPETITION] Welsh Speaking Creative Writing and Media Competition

Entries are open to postgraduates, academic staff and PhD holders for a creative practice competition aimed exclusively at Welsh speakers and writers, on behalf of The Dovetail Journal, Bangor University's cross-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal in literature, creative arts and media.

Authors writing in the Welsh medium can submit written prose, poetry and other texts or combined forms such as graphic writing, image/ word hybrids, and graphic novels etc. Recorded performances in spoken Welsh, such as radio scripts, theatre, musicals, performance poetry and film will also be accepted. See the guidelines on The Dovetail Journal website.

There will be two winners, one for a creative practice piece of writing in Welsh, and the other for Welsh media, with prize money of £100 for each winner.

The winners will be published in The Dovetail Journal, both on line and in print, subject to satisfactory review.

The theme of the competition is LANGUAGE, FORM, EMOTION.

Email your entry to: General-Editor@the-dovetail-journal-bangor-university.co.uk