5 Skills for Self-Publishers | Ignaty Dyakov

Educational author Ignaty Dyakov shares his 5 tips for self-published authors.

Before You Sign | Prizes and Competitions

This month we asked the advisors what you should look out for when entering prizes and competitions.

Abuse and the poison of silence | EA Wheal

Last Friday, in response to the waves of allegations surfacing in the film industry, The Bookseller published the results of an anonymous survey into sexual harassment in the publishing industry...

What's in a Word? | Jamila Gavin

Children's author Jamila Gavin writes on language, diversity and the power of words.

Before You Sign | Accounting Terms for Authors

Our experts give a rundown of your contract’s fiddly financial bits.

Why the celeb-heavy World Book Day list IS a problem

The celebrification of children’s literature is not new but it reached what my mother-in-law used to call a “peak low” with the list of books announced as World Book Day giveaway...

The Micawber principle

Andrew Franklin of Profile Books opens up his accounts for inspection.

The Writer's Paradox - Ahmet Altan

‘They may have the power to imprison me but no one has the power to keep me in prison,’ writes imprisoned Turkish author Ahmet Altan on the eve of his trial.

Before You Sign | Copyright Crash Course

Brush up your knowledge on copyright with this quick guide.

Reaching new authors | WriteNow

Penguin Random House's WriteNow scheme aims to mentor and publish new writers from under-represented communities. Three writers, Geraldine Quigley, Katie Hale and Chris Brougham, tell...

7 Tips to Avoid Pitfalls in Motion Picture/TV Rights Option Agreements

Lawyer Robert Zipser's tips to help navigate your option agreements.

Seven habits of highly effective authors

Chris Alton considers the value of events for less well-known authors – and how to make smaller events bigger.

Before You Sign | Special Sales

Our seven steps for publishers on highly-discounted 'special sales'.

Before You Sign | Morality Clauses

Contract clauses that allow a publisher to drop an author who acts "immorally" are becoming more common in the UK. These clauses are far too wide in their remit and we recommend that...

Writing as a carer, by Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson details the experience of writing as a full-time carer.

Everything a Writer Needs

Philip Paris explores the opportunities of ScotsWrite, the upcoming writers' conference near Glasgow.

Finding Hidden Talent

Broadcaster and children's author Hilary Robinson describes the value of what's not said.

Tips for New Writers

At the Authors' North Broadcasting Day we caught up with some established screenwriters to ask them for their best tips.

The Power of Pictures

Charlotte Hacking of CLPE shares the findings of their study on the effectiveness of picture books in education.

Report from the London Book Fair

Janet Laurence, author and member of the Management Committee, reports back from her time at the London Book Fair.