5 Storytelling Techniques to Craft Your Signature Talk

Location: Via Telephone
Address: N/A
Event time: 4pm
Julia McCutchen interviews Carmine Gallo

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Authors are natural storytellers, but can you turn your ideas into compelling talks and presentations in front of live audiences?

Carmine Gallo has spent 25 years studying the art and science of communication and works directly with leaders who run some of the world’s largest, most admired brands. His approach to communication has been influenced by authors such as Dr. Wayne Dyer and inspirational business leaders such as Steve Jobs, Sheryl Sandberg, Richard Branson and others. Gallo believes that your story is your competitive advantage in the marketplace of ideas. Learn to share it effectively. 

In this conversation Carmine will tap into the research he’s used to write his books to demonstrate how authors can speak with power and confidence. 

In this interview you’ll learn how:

  • - To build a visual message map that provides an easy to follow template for your next presentation.
  • - Stories inform, illuminate, and inspire
  • - To adapt the building blocks of narrative to deliver a presentation your audiences will always remember
  • - Your internal narrative is the key to your ultimate ability to inspire your audiences.
  • - To create a ‘wow’ moment in your very next presentation that will leave your audience craving more.


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